Winter 2020-2021

It was a colder winter than has been usual in recent years. December was about 1 degree cooler than average at 6.5C, January close to average  at 4.8C and February also about 1C below average at 6.2C. The lowest minimum was -3.4C on 24 January.

While no snow at all fell last winter there was 1 day with snow (without settling) in December and 3 days with snow in February including two separate days with a dusting of snow on the ground.

There were 24 days (out of 90) with air frosts, 11 of which were in January and 39 days with ground frosts.

December and January had average rainfall but February was drier than usual, with about 70mm (where the average is 100) This reflects a relatively lengthy period of High Pressure, with winds from the East that brought a little snow, but gave cold and dry weather.

This article was updated on Monday, 1 March 2021