Summer 2021

This summer was cooler, wetter and calmer than the recent average.

June was only slightly cooler than usual, but much wetter, with twice the recent average rainfall: 132mm fell on 12 days, with 4 days of particularly heavy rain.

July was cooler than usual (the average for the month was about 1C down), despite a couple of days which topped 30C, and was very wet with 141mm rain (typical rainfall for July is around 35mm) over 14 days.

August's average temperature was about 2C down, and we had no day when the temperature exceeded 25C (we'd expect at least 5). Rainfall was less than average (58mm instead of 90+) with only 2 days of heavy rainfall. This reflects the lower temperatures which failed to trigger the thunderstorms that bring most of August's rain in a typical year.

This article was updated on Tuesday, 31 August 2021