Storm Ciara

This named storm (a complex area of low pressure, strong winds and rain) gave us a wet and windy day, but fortunately it did not quite live up to its warnings here (though it casued significant damage and flooding elsewhere and a great deal of disruption, especially to transport.)

The peak wind here was 61kts, but this was actually in a squally shower whch was part of a trough that passed through early on Monday morning, after the main storm had passed. This matches our previous record from March last year. The winds along the fronts of the main storm did reach gusts of over 50kts here.

The most remarkable thing about this storm was the sustained wind strenght and how long it is lasting. We have had steady winds above Beaufort Force 4 for more than 24 hours now and still continuing as I write. That is unusual.

This article was updated on Monday, 10 February 2020