Spring 2021

This was a remarkable Spring, with unusually cold weather, and included a very dry and a very wet month.

For the first time since we moved here (4 years ago), there were air frosts in April and May. (There were 3 air frosts and 8 ground frosts in March, 6 air frosts and 13 ground frosts in April and 1 air frost and 3 ground frosts in May)

March average temperature was close to the longer term average, but April and May were approximately 2C below that. The first time that temperatures rose above 20C this year was the last week of May and that usually happens in April. Snow fell on four days in April too. Although it did not settle, it is the first time for many years that there has been any snowfall in that month. There was no snowfall at all in the whole year 2020. This was a significantly cold Spring.

March was dry, with 40mm of rain, less than half of the longer term average. April was exceptionally dry with only 8.2mm (rain fell on 4 days) about 1/5 of the longer term average. This was a factor in a number of significant of wildfires in the New Forest area. May was exceptionally wet, with 91.4mm and rain falling on 15 days. This is more than double the longer term average, and May has often been very dry here. The rainfall in May meant that overall Spring 2021 was broadly in line with the longer term averages.

There was a strong Atlantic cyclone in May (again unusual for this month) with winds gusting to 48 knots on 21st and strong winds for almost 48 hours around that.

What has been unusual this year has been that the normal periods where high and low pressure dominates (giving mainly clear and dry weather or cloud and rain) have been shifted significantly with more high pressure overall. 


This article was updated on Monday, 31 May 2021