Autumn 2020

Average temperatures in September and October were close to the long term averages, while November was a little warmer in comparison. There were no air frosts here at all this autumn (recent years have seen 3 days with air frosts) and only three days with ice on car windscreens or grass surfaces (a ground frost) when there were 8 of these last year and 5 the year before. There were 19 days in September when the maximum temperature reached 20C or more (a few more days than in recent years) but no days at all in October and November. Generally, this reflects a lack of sunny days early in the autumn. We had a few “Indian Summer” days but cloud and drizzle seems to have been a feature of this year.

There was a total of 335.4mm rain this autumn, much drier than 2019 but wetter than 2018 here. September was drier than average, October was much wetter and November fairly close to the average.

Winds were average, but sudden gusty winds (e.g. during squalls) were more common, especially in October and November, giving an increase in the number of days when gusts of 40knots or more were registered.

This article was updated on Tuesday, 1 December 2020