Autumn 2019

September - November 2019 was much wetter than 2018 (over 400mm compared with less than 200mm or 53 rain days compared with 21). Temperatures in September and October were similar to 2018, but November was significantly colder (7.8C mean in 2019 and 11.2C mean in 2018) especially at the beginning and end of the month.

In summary, it was a typical autumn, though frequent rain and some cold spells in November made it feel slightly "harder" than in recent years.

Significant Days

The warmest temperature was 15 September when the temperature reached 24.9C and the coldest was 19 November when it fell to -1.8C. The wettest day was 24 September with 32.4mm, though there were multiple "rain events" (over more than one "day') when there was more precipitation than this. There were gales on 2 November, with gusts up to 47.8knts. As well as causing some trees and branches to fall, this caused minor structural damage locally, including tearing off part of the shed roof near the weather station.

This article was updated on Sunday, 1 December 2019